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Patchwork Pottery – Corner Pocket Tutorial

Corner Pocket Tutorial from Laurraine Yuyama:-

‘Using corner pockets is my favourite method of hanging a mini quilt or wall-hanging besides having loops and a rod as part of the finished design. It is super easy, very functional and uses minimal hanging hardware on the wall. It has come to my attention lately that not everyone knows this little hanging trick so today I am happy to share it with all of you.’

Corner Pocket Tutorial at Patchwork Pottery


Sunday Morning – Blog Time!

I know lots of you get involved with die-cutting, stamping etc and this is a chatty blog from someone who seems to be having a bit of a sort-out – there may be some bargains for you stampers/die-cutters!


Sunday Morning – Blog Time!

JeanieB is a writer who crafts!  She has a background in theatre design,but now she says she concentrates on making clothes to dance in, creating jewellery from early plastics and stashing her home with retro fabrics and thrift store bric a brac.  (Look at that gorgeous bunting!)

This is a great blog – check out her site at http://jeanieb-makeitup.blogspot.co.uk/

Sunday Morning – Blog Time!

This is a blog by ceramic artist Fiona Thompson – look at that neat workshop!

Fiona introduces herself on the blog – ‘My main focus is on one-off ceramic exhibition pieces; I also work to commission. Other activities over the last few years have included residencies, group collaborative projects, writing and teaching. In 2010 I completed a post-graduate research degree.’

Check out the site for yourself – http://fionathompson.blogspot.co.uk/

Sunday morning – blog time!

I have recently taken up my knitting needles again, due to the cold wet wintery weather we are having in July, and have found loads of people blogging about knitting and crochet – this one caught my eye – take a look……


Sunday Morning – blog time!

This couldn’t be less local!  However, I thought you might like to see what’s going on in the crafty world on the other side of the planet – http://craftblog.com.au/ and there’s something here I should be getting on with….

Sunday Morning – Blog time!

I’m a bit of a sucker for all things coastal, seaside and blue/white stripes – so if someone with the same interests is also crafting – this blog is obviously a ‘must-read’ for me!!


Sunday morning – blog time!


This is a great blog – busy, informative and inspiring

Sunday morning – blog time!


A bit of parchment craft….

Sunday morning – blog time!


Oregon College of Art and Craft Library – what it says on the tin – a great mix of art and craft.  OK I know that ‘things to do in Portland this weekend’ isn’t exactly local craft, but you must admit it’s interesting!