Spring 2011Local Craft Matters is now an online magazine site for crafters in the Milton Keynes area.  If you would like your club, business or craft to be featured here, email info@localcraftmatters.co.uk.

The idea for Local Craft Matters was formed in late  2007, while I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace.  There were so many  expensive magazines piled up – gorgeous publications, yes, but one of my friends commented that although these magazines are gorgeous to browse through, there was nothing to tell her where she could learn new skills locally. She was on her usual mission to buy more wool than she really needed, and I wandered around the stalls behind her thinking about this – and that’s how Local Craft Matters was born!

Over the coming weeks, extensive market research showed me that Milton Keynes and the surrounding area is full of crafts people either wanting to learn new skills or others wanting to pass on their knowledge and skills – my idea of a half page of ‘What’s Ons’ soon became five pages!

Local Craft Matters has developed over the last two years, since the first issue in February 2008 and in May 2010 we produced the first all-colour issue.

More than anything else, Local Craft Matters is about crafters – there are so many of you out there.  If you are a member of a club we haven’t featured yet (or even if we have featured you, but there’s something else you want to tell everyone!) get in touch – we love to hear from you.  If there is a craft we haven’t featured and you would like to know more, let us know.  If you have a craft-related business and would like to advertise, please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Carole Pollard – Editor

My!  Look how we changed.  These are our front covers ‘through the ages’ until printing costs for the quality we wanted became too much and the internet beckoned!


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