Bead Collection for Sale

We’ve had this email from someone who is selling her bead collection.

My name is Vicki and I have many beads that I have collected over the years from South Africa, and brought over to the UK for my collection that one day I would use to make beautiful things. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am returning to South Africa permanently and do not want to pack up and take all my beads with me, so I am selling off everything I have. I have many glass beads as I do prefer these to plastic, although I do have plastic beads as well. I do not have a website, as they are my personal beads. I have many different colours and varieties of beads. Also findings and cords, plastic and wire (not too much of these though). If you would be interested in purchasing some of my beads, please contact me on my email address or reply to this mail. I live in Milton Keynes.

If you are interested, please email

Local Craft Matters take no responsibility for items offered for sale on this site by private sellers – please take all usual precautions!


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