My Junk 4 U

Featured on the front cover of the Spring 2010 issue of Local Craft Matters, is a piece of furniture from MyJunk4u.

We met Jim Lumsden from myjunk4u at the Craft Fair in Middleton Hall last year.  His was a striking display of gorgeous wooden chairs upholstered in a patchwork mixture of bright, modern fabrics.  There was even a chair covered in a patchwork of bar mats. The display was very popular, always surrounded by people who were drawn to the stunning fabrics.  Jim was pleased with the reaction to his furniture and judging by the number of sales he made at that one show, we think he will have a very busy 2010!
Jim offers unique furniture re-cycling.  He says, ‘The furniture is brought back to life, then  upholstered with collections of silks and cottons, producing a unique piece of furniture to bring the ‘wow’ factor to any room.’  We agree.
You can buy myjunk4u pieces at Castle Antiques, Bedford and the Ampthill Emporium in Ampthill, or visit the website to commission your own unique piece.
Contact by email on

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