Fruit Pressing for Cider

Davey and Ellie by the nearly bare apple tree


Some time in early summer I was approached by Davey Chambers who wants to start a similar publication to Local Craft Matters, focusing on local and independent food and plant businesses.  He has ambitious plans for his business and the magazine he was seeking advice about is only a small part of those plans.
In addition to ambitious plans, I was very excited to hear that Davey also has a fruit press and he offered to come along to our family’s allotment to press the apple mountain into juice for cider-making.
We had a lovely day, Davey, his partner Ellie and small dog Titan, brought the press, buckets, muslins and bashing equipment along to the allotment one Sunday morning.  My brother came along with his two youngest daughters and we all joined in – picking fruit, bashing the apples into a pulpy mess, and arranging the pulp into  three ‘cheeses’ before Davey’s hand-made press was wound into action – eventually producing four gallons of gorgeous juice.
Apparently what happens next year is that we have another family day picking, bashing and squeezing, while we drink some of this year’s cider – if there’s any left!  I can’t wait.
We have set up something of an experiment with our juice – two demi-johns only contain apple juice and two have had yeast added which should speed up the process.
If you would like to know more about Davey’s new food and plants business, check out his website at, or contact us and we will pass your details on.

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